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How To Connect Vivitar Bluetooth Headphones

how to connect vivitar bluetooth earbuds
how to connect vivitar bluetooth earbuds from

How to Connect Vivitar Bluetooth Headphones

Are you tired of dealing with tangled wires and limited mobility when it comes to your headphones? If so, it's time to make the switch to Bluetooth headphones. And if you're looking for a reliable and affordable option, Vivitar Bluetooth headphones are a great choice. These wireless headphones offer convenience, comfort, and excellent sound quality. But how do you connect them to your devices? In this article, we'll walk you through the process of connecting Vivitar Bluetooth headphones to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Why Choose Vivitar Bluetooth Headphones?

Before we dive into the steps of connecting Vivitar Bluetooth headphones, let's take a moment to discuss why these headphones are worth considering. Vivitar is a trusted brand in the audio industry, known for producing high-quality products at an affordable price point. Their Bluetooth headphones are no exception. With Vivitar, you can expect crystal-clear sound, comfortable fit, long battery life, and easy connectivity. Whether you're a music lover, a gamer, or someone who simply enjoys watching movies or making calls on your device, Vivitar Bluetooth headphones provide an immersive audio experience.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Connect Vivitar Bluetooth Headphones

Now that we've established the benefits of Vivitar Bluetooth headphones, let's get into the nitty-gritty of how to connect them. Follow these steps to pair your Vivitar Bluetooth headphones with your device:

  1. Turn on your Vivitar Bluetooth headphones by pressing and holding the power button until the LED light starts flashing.
  2. On your smartphone, tablet, or computer, go to the Bluetooth settings menu.
  3. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
  4. Look for the name of your Vivitar Bluetooth headphones in the list of available devices and tap on it to connect.
  5. If prompted, enter the passkey or PIN code provided in the user manual of your Vivitar Bluetooth headphones.
  6. Once the connection is established, you should see a notification on your device indicating that your Vivitar Bluetooth headphones are connected.
  7. Test the connection by playing some music or making a call. You should hear the audio through your Vivitar Bluetooth headphones.

That's it! You've successfully connected your Vivitar Bluetooth headphones to your device. Now you can enjoy wireless audio without any hassle.

Question and Answer section

  1. Q: Can I connect Vivitar Bluetooth headphones to multiple devices at the same time?
  2. A: No, Vivitar Bluetooth headphones can only be connected to one device at a time. If you want to switch to a different device, you'll need to disconnect the headphones from the current device and pair them with the new one.
  3. Q: How do I charge my Vivitar Bluetooth headphones?
  4. A: To charge your Vivitar Bluetooth headphones, connect them to a power source using the included USB cable. The LED light on the headphones will indicate the charging status. Once fully charged, the LED light will turn off.
  5. Q: Can I use Vivitar Bluetooth headphones with non-Bluetooth devices?
  6. A: Yes, you can. Vivitar Bluetooth headphones come with an auxiliary cable that allows you to connect them to devices that don't have Bluetooth capability, such as older MP3 players or stereo systems.
  7. Q: How far can I be from my device while using Vivitar Bluetooth headphones?
  8. A: The range of Vivitar Bluetooth headphones is typically around 33 feet (10 meters). However, the actual range may vary depending on factors such as obstacles and interference.


In conclusion, connecting Vivitar Bluetooth headphones to your device is a simple and straightforward process. With just a few steps, you can enjoy wireless audio and freedom of movement. Vivitar Bluetooth headphones offer excellent sound quality, comfort, and affordability, making them a great choice for anyone in need of a reliable wireless audio solution. So why wait? Make the switch to Vivitar Bluetooth headphones today and elevate your listening experience.


Image 1: Vivitar Bluetooth headphones connected to a smartphone

Vivitar Bluetooth headphones connected to a smartphone

Image 2: Vivitar Bluetooth headphones charging

Vivitar Bluetooth headphones charging

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