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Do Apple Headphones Work On Ps4

How to USE iPhone Headphones for a PS4 Mic!!! (Working 2017) YouTube
How to USE iPhone Headphones for a PS4 Mic!!! (Working 2017) YouTube from

Do Apple Headphones Work on PS4?

Apple headphones are known for their sleek design and superior sound quality. But if you're a gamer, you might be wondering if these headphones are compatible with your PlayStation 4 console. In this article, we'll explore the functionality of Apple headphones on the PS4 and provide you with all the information you need to know.

When it comes to gaming, having a good audio experience is essential. The sound effects, background music, and voice chat all contribute to the immersive gaming experience. And while the PS4 comes with its own set of headphones, many gamers prefer to use their own for various reasons. So, the question remains - can you use Apple headphones on the PS4?

For those who are used to the convenience and quality of Apple headphones, it can be disappointing to find out that they are not officially compatible with the PS4. This is because Apple headphones use a different connector than the one found on the PS4 controller. Apple headphones use a Lightning connector, while the PS4 controller has a 3.5mm audio jack.

1. Using an Adapter

If you really want to use your Apple headphones on the PS4, you can purchase an adapter that converts the Lightning connector to a 3.5mm audio jack. This will allow you to plug your headphones directly into the PS4 controller and enjoy your game with high-quality audio. However, it's important to note that not all adapters will work seamlessly, so it's recommended to do some research and read reviews before making a purchase.

2. Bluetooth Connectivity

Another option is to use Bluetooth headphones with your PS4. While Apple headphones do not have Bluetooth connectivity, there are many other brands that do. Simply pair your Bluetooth headphones with the PS4 console and you'll be able to enjoy your game without any wires. Just make sure to check the compatibility of your Bluetooth headphones with the PS4 before making a purchase.

3. PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

If you're looking for a more official and seamless experience, you can consider investing in the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset. This wireless headset is specifically designed for the PS4 and offers virtual surround sound, a comfortable fit, and a built-in microphone for voice chat. While it may be a bit pricier than other options, it guarantees a hassle-free gaming experience.

4. Third-Party Headsets

If you're not a fan of Apple headphones and are looking for a dedicated gaming headset, there are plenty of third-party options available. Brands like Turtle Beach, Astro, and SteelSeries offer a wide range of gaming headsets that are compatible with the PS4. These headsets often come with additional features like customizable audio settings, noise cancellation, and multi-platform compatibility.


While Apple headphones are not officially compatible with the PS4, there are workarounds that allow you to use them. By using an adapter or opting for Bluetooth headphones, you can enjoy your game with high-quality audio. However, if you're looking for a more seamless and official experience, investing in a dedicated gaming headset like the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is highly recommended. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences and budget.

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